Double cleansing is a double-step cleansing process, which consists of applying two cleansers: an oil-based followed by a water-based. The purpose of this biphasic nature is to make sure your skin is as clean as possible without altering its hydro-lipid barrier.
This compelling trend came originally from Asia, where the women have mastered the art of skin cleansing. For example, The geishas’ ritual of washing off their white makeup channeling the properties of oil for their skin-cleansing rituals (in this case, camellia oil).


One of the main reasons why this routine is so effective is that a single-step cleansing is simply not enough to remove all the impurities accumulated throughout the day on the skin. For example, a cotton pad and micellar water alone will not remove completely the sunscreen residues, pollution, make-up foundation, or simply the sebum excess that our skin naturally produces every day, and by not removing adequately these residues, our skin may be affected by acne, blackheads, and premature skin aging on the long run.
One of the most important benefit that double-cleansing offers is an adequate, profound, and gentle cleansing, which will impact positively not only in your skin’s condition but also in the way further skincare products are absorbed. No skincare will be as satisfactory as it can be if you do not cleanse the skin properly. We can say that cleansing the skin correctly is as important as moisturizing it, since an incorrect skin cleansing that is either insufficient or too aggressive, can potentially lead to complexion problems. Therefore, the exact balance that your skin needs and deserves is a two-stage cleansing.

The combination of two different products with opposite consistency allows to achieve its maximum effects. By joining forces, the two-step cleansing enables deep cleansing of the skin. While oil reduces the irritating effect of cleansers, cleansers washes away the extra oils, which makes this double-phase method the perfect example of how two opposites complement each other, just like yin and yang. The result: a clean and healthy complexion, the reduction of seborrhea and skin inflammation a non-invasive, effective, and gentle cleansing that your skin is waiting for.


As mentioned before, the phenomenon and effectiveness of double cleansing is based on the use of two opposing elements capable of removing all types of impurities, which could be mentioned as the first principle that supports this biphasic technique.

The use of two gentle products with an accurate pH allows a gentle and deep cleansing of the skin - unclogging the pores and gradually removing the excess of sebum and cosmetics from our skin. Thanks to the principle of two different textures – oil and water, you use the maximum cleansing potential without severely irritating and drying the skin. For example, some soaps that might provide an immediate refreshing effect will on the long run harm the natural hydrolipid coat and exacerbate skin problems.


Another relevant principle of this skincare ritual is that oil dissolves oil. Nothing combines with oil as oil with a similar structure. This means that in order to get rid of the excess of sebum or emollients which clogs the pores, you need an oil-based cleanser. It is important that this oily cleanser is compatible with the skin’s pH, just as the Kajo cleansing oil. This step sets the perfect scene for the second phase, in which the residual oil cleanser itself and everything that has been broken down by it, will be properly removed from the skin.
Therefore, it is key that the cleanser used in the second phase is a gentle product, just as the Kajo probiotic cleanser, which will leave your skin feeling cleaned, smooth and completely refreshed.

Finally, the warm-cold principle plays an important role here, as it increases the cleansing effect of the double cleansing method. Basically, the oil-based cleanser needs to be removed with warm water in order to remove the mixture properly. Then, after applying the water-based cleanser it is recommended to use fresh/cold water to stimulate the blood circulation and to help close the pores, now when they have been accurately cleansed. Once this is done, your skin is ready to absorb at its full potential the subsequent products included in your skincare routine.


It is very easy to implement this method in your skincare routine. Basically, it all reduces to two steps. First, dispense 2-3 doses of Kajo hydrophilic cleansing oil into your hands and apply it to dry skin, including the eye area. Gently massage in and rinse off with warm water. As Kajo hydrophilic cleansing oil has emulsifying properties it means that in contact with water it will turn the oil in to a milky cleanser which is easy to remove. Afterwards, apply 2-3 doses of Kajo probiotic revitalizing cleanser into the skin a massage in a circular motion. Rinse with fresh/cold water.

Skin cleansing is the basis of a well-groomed skin - remember that here begins the rest of your entire skin care!

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